Celebrity Culture – A Land That Talent Didn’t remember

Currently if we are constantly bombarded with celebrity gossip – who’s discussing a bed with who, that has had new boob job and that has managed to obtain the worlds tiniest dog and dress up just like a little women toy you’d be pardoned should you lost a small feeling of reality.

Can these folks be earning money by fluttering their eyelashes and flashing a little bit of skin? Well apparently the reply is yes and in ways many of us are responsible.

Celebrity culture has existed in some way since time started, individuals have always researched for their hero’s, previously you’d have such celebrities as Edna Manley (the famous artist) and Bobby Moore (Famous Footballer) however it appears that individuals have began to worship another type of celebrity.

These folks have little if any talent but in some way find it to the front-page of each and every newspaper and magazine going. Just take a look at Paris Hilton, she’s secured imprisonment but nonetheless seems to make front-page news!

I have faith that United kingdom celebrity worship began to consider a turn once the Celebrity Your Government of 2007 aired on funnel 4. Three United kingdom “Celebrities” caused an enormous worldwide up roar by appearing to bully the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, this caused national outrage and also the three “celebrities” were branded as racists.

A couple of individuals celebrities weren’t observed in the papers since (Jo O’Mara and Jade Goody) only one celebrity has in some way were able to raise her profile following the whole affair. Danielle Lloyd an old Miss Great Briton and former playboy cover girl required a period out following the Your Government show and today seems to become back more powerful than ever before.

Will the general public forgive these “celebrities” for anything or can we all end up fed up with seeing non entities on out TV screens as well as on the leading pages in our newspapers.

Can be however i for just one expect towards the day whenever we allow our kids idolize celebrities due to their amazing talents, whether it is acting, singing or dancing, instead of “celebs” that earn a living by dating footballers and appearing on reality Television shows.

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