5 Ways to Boost Your Business Via Virtual Events

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In the post-COVID era, corporate virtual events have emerged as a game-changer, revolutionising how companies connect, engage, and thrive. But what exactly are virtual events? 

They are immersive online experiences that bring people together, transcending geographical boundaries. From webinars and conferences to product launches and team-building sessions, virtual events offer countless opportunities for businesses to expand their reach, enhance brand visibility, and foster meaningful connections with their target audience. 

This blog will explore the incredible benefits of virtual events for businesses and how partnering with a virtual events agency can unlock your organisation’s full potential. Get ready to skyrocket your success in the virtual realm!

5 Ways To Boost Your Business Through Virtual Events

  • Use The Power Of Sponsors And Speakers

When spreading the news about your upcoming virtual event, harnessing the power of your sponsors and speakers can work wonders! By enlisting your sponsors and speakers as enthusiastic ambassadors, you instantly extend the reach of your event to a broader audience.

Take advantage of this win-win situation by providing your sponsors and speakers with all the necessary information to promote the event on their channels. Equip them with compelling content, such as event descriptions, key highlights, and engaging visuals they can share with their networks. 

Encourage them to leverage their social media platforms, blogs, newsletters, and any other communication channels they have at their disposal.

Feature them prominently on your event website, acknowledge their contributions in promotional materials, and highlight their expertise in relevant industry publications. 

This enhances their visibility and incentivises them to promote the event more enthusiastically.

Remember, effective communication is critical. Regularly inform your sponsors and speakers about any updates, exciting announcements, or new promotional assets they can utilise. 

  • Create An Attention Grabbing Event Page

In the dynamic world of virtual events, your event page serves as the ultimate gateway to success. All seasoned corporate event companies know that a well-crafted event page can boost your business. 

First impressions matter, and that’s where eye-catching graphics, professional pictures, and engaging clips come into play. Capture the essence of your virtual event by showcasing visuals that reflect its unique atmosphere and offerings. 

Highlight keynote speakers, workshop leaders, and performers through magnetic media, giving potential attendees a glimpse of the remarkable experience that awaits them.

To keep visitors glued to your page, embed all relevant videos, pictures, and other media directly within the page. By eliminating the need for them to search elsewhere for additional content, you create a seamless and immersive browsing experience that holds their attention and piques their interest.

Of course, a comprehensive event page is not complete without the essential details. Provide all the necessary information attendees need in one place, including the event’s time and date(s), a detailed agenda, speaker bios, and sponsor information. 

Make it easy for visitors to take action by including sign-up links and secure payment options. Streamlining the process and providing a one-stop shop for information and attendee actions will enhance the user experience and increase the likelihood of conversions.

  • Tap Into The Power of Email Marketing

All reputed virtual events agencies and corporate event planners understand the significance of effective communication with your customers and prospective clients. Email marketing provides a direct and personal way to keep them informed and engaged.

Leverage the content you’ve created for your virtual event by incorporating it into your email campaigns. Craft compelling email messages highlighting the key details and benefits of attending your event, and include a clear call-to-action that directs recipients to your event web page. This way, you provide them with all the essential information in one convenient location.

Maximising the digital event experience is essential, and email marketing plays a vital role in achieving that goal. By regularly sending updates, sneak peeks, and exclusive offers through well-crafted emails, you create anticipation and excitement among your audience.

Suppose you’re new to email marketing or want to refine your approach. In that case, you can always seek help from a reputed virtual events agency. These agencies can help you create engaging content, optimise your email templates, and master the art of segmentation and personalisation.

Remember, email marketing is not just about sending promotional messages but also about building relationships. Nurture your email subscribers by offering valuable content, exclusive discounts, or early access to event registration. 

  • Use The Massive Reach Of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a goldmine of opportunity when boosting your business for corporate virtual events. You can leverage the power of social media to create buzz, engage with your audience, and drive registrations like never before.

Start by announcing your virtual event across all your company’s social media accounts. This ensures maximum visibility and allows your followers to stay informed. Facebook Events is a valuable tool that enables you to create and share your event easily while keeping track of RSVPs. Meanwhile, LinkedIn offers various avenues for event promotion, including ads, groups, and pushing content through your company page.

To generate excitement and spread the word, create a unique hashtag for your event and launch a mini-tweet storm. Encourage your audience to join the conversation and share their anticipation. 

Visual content plays a pivotal role in capturing attention and driving engagement. Share captivating pictures and video clips from your virtual event preparations and previous events on platforms like Instagram. This allows your audience to visualise the experience, fostering a sense of anticipation and curiosity.

Make it easy for attendees to share their excitement by providing social sharing buttons on your event page and promotional materials. Encourage them to spread the word within their networks, exponentially increasing your event’s reach.

  • Use The Right Keywords

Start using a keyword planning tool like Google Ads to discover the most relevant and popular words and phrases people seek. Incorporate these keywords into your content to promote virtual events, such as event descriptions, blog posts, and social media captions. 

By aligning your content with the keywords your target audience is actively searching for, you increase the likelihood of attracting their attention and driving engagement.

Additionally, conduct a simple Google search using keywords related to your virtual event. To gather more information related to your search, check the autocompletes, “People also ask” section, and “Searches related to [your keywords]” located at the end of SERP. These results offer valuable insights into other relevant words and phrases to include in your online promotional copy. 

Final Words

As we look to the future, virtual events will continue to shape the business landscape, providing innovative ways to connect, engage, and thrive. So, seize the opportunity, embrace virtual events, and be at the forefront of this exciting digital revolution. The possibilities are limitless!

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